2oz Adult After hours

2oz Adult After hours

Discover new sensations together.

It’s no secret CBD may help relieve anxiety, reduce pain and promote a good night’s sleep. Did you know CBD also has many potential benefits for the bedroom? Hemp Bombs After Hours CBD Pleasure Gel is a premium intimate gel infused with our pure CBD for maximum pleasure and improved sexual health. CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties may help ease pain and discomfort one may experience during sex.

As a premium, water-based gel, CBD Pleasure Gel may also help spice up your sex life by increasing performance and giving you a powerful sense of stimulation. CBD is all-natural, allowing you to feel an improved feeling of closeness and intimacy with your partner. As CBD is often used as a supplement for anxiety, it can also help you relieve any performance-based stress or nervousness you may feel with your partner after hours.  Both men and women will enjoy the many potential benefits of Hemp Bombs’ premium pleasure gel.


Is It Safe?

Hemp Bombs CBD Pleasure Gel is not known to have adverse side effects. We’ve crafted our pleasure gel formula with your comfort and safety in mind, and CBD has no known potential for overdose. Additionally, our product development team has rigorously tested the other compounds included in the product. If you have questions about the compounds found in our CBD Pleasure Gel, we recommend talking to a medical professional. Additionally, our product is safe to use with condoms and toys.

Who Can Use Hemp Bombs CBD Pleasure Gel?

This product is intended for anyone over the age of 18 to enjoy. Unlike many pleasure gels, it doesn’t exclude men or women from usage – it is designed for both sexes to experience more pleasure and can make your intimate life more exciting.


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